COVIDTIMES and contribution of 119 supporters to feed needy

   Jul 17, 2020            5 min read

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COVID19 and its impact on the world need no introduction. As of date it is still continuing and affecting the people. But during these hardships, it’s the kindness of the privileged that won the hearts of millions. What Om Vishranti Charitable Society and the 119 supporters did for the society is just a drop in an ocean but everyone did their part wholeheartedly. 

It’s rightly said Kindness is infectious, spread it!

Om Vishranti Charitable Society did their part in helping the needy during these hardships without thinking about their health for even a second. It was all possible just because of people like you who contributed to the Cause and made a difference.

Total 700+ people were served with basic essentials like sanitizers, masks and food items in the areas of Village Barola, Sector - 49 Noida, Greater Noida and also money was transferred to 5 people who were in urgent need of funds to feed their family. You can check out all the images and the attached video.

How ipledgefor helped the Campaigner - Om Vishranti Charitable Society?

ipledgefor verified the details of the NGO and it’s past activities and approved the campaigns.

ipledgefor has been in the forefront with marketing the campaign and raising funds as well. Also, with the update system each and every donor of the campaign is being updated about the distribution and activities etc.

Support the Campaign by The Big Blog (

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The Big Blog along with ipledgefor devised a strategy to promote Talent and raise funds for COVID19 victims. We got 27 submissions and 27 of them promoted their beautiful talent on social media along with ipledgefor campaign links to raise funds. Prize money was handed over to the winner by The Big Blog to the winner and certificates were given to all the participants. The strategy worked out and we were able to help the COVID-19 victims together.

 686      4

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